TTT Tactics: Is Coutinho What We Need?

TTT Tactics: Is Coutinho What We Need?
September 3, 2015 Daniel Rhodes

Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov

  • Coutinho as the creator, but unable to be the playmaker: discussing the different skills required, and the impact not having a recognised playmaker causes the attacking creativity.
  • Analysing the players now available in the squad to play that role, and coming up with only one: Joe Allen, honestly.
  • Why is the squad lacking this type of player?
  • Getting the best out of Lallana, as well as the restrictions Rodgers places on him. Will we ever see the Southampton Lallana?
  • Finishing with Firmino, and the concerns about also restricting his potential by asking him to execute one dimensional, specific roles within the team, rather than using him in a free role to achieve his full potential.

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