TTT Needs Your Help!

TTT Needs Your Help!
September 7, 2015 Paul Tomkins

By Paul Tomkins.

In many ways TTT is still a very successful website: high quality, unique output from a variety of writers; an incredible community which interacts with intelligence and respect; over 11 million hits since its launch, with millions of unique visitors; and more subscribers than I ever hoped for at the outset, when it was just me blogging about Liverpool FC.

However, the running costs have risen over the years, with most of that expense due to paying an increased number of regular contributors – to edit and moderate the site, and to produce unique content – with the rest going on technical running costs and paying for the time of those who sort that side of things.

While our costs have risen, the price of a subscription has remained at £3.50 for six years, since we launched in September 2009. For technical reasons we’ve not been able to change that, which is part of the reason we need to revamp the whole system.

Last week I explained the situation as we try to revamp the site, and some of the issues beyond our control that have made it far more challenging than anticipated. But it seems that we may be getting closer to finally improving the functionality of the site, and to introduce new features.

What follows is my thanks to subscribers for their assistance, and some of the suggested ideas to help move the site forward – to which I offer my responses. I also discuss ways in which you can help.

This is for subscribers only.