TTT Tactics #8: Dilemmas, Whirlpools and Parked Buses

TTT Tactics #8: Dilemmas, Whirlpools and Parked Buses
January 10, 2015 Daniel Rhodes


Bob Pearce, Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov.

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Since Liverpool started using 3-4-2-1, we have seen contrasting performances against, such as Swansea and Leicester at home. In this podcast, we look at what worked: more options at the back when passing it out; brilliant movement from the front three; wing-backs who cause confusion for the opposition defenders. The problems: the inability to pass out from the back, even against just two or three opposition players; midfield dynamism, intelligence and movement lacking when pressed. We also take a brief look at the Sunderland match – and what it might throw up – and the best ways to deal with a parked bus.