Newcastle Utd (a) – the Last Word

Newcastle Utd (a) – the Last Word
November 3, 2014 Chris Rowland

By Anthony Stanley (TTT Subscriber Dannyluke10).

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana.

Nearly every fine thing in life has a due attached to it, a price that must be paid. A drink with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon, a burger on the way home from the cinema, a cigarette break away from your infernal boss. Be it small or great pleasures, sooner or later the price must be paid and the tax is usually commensurate with the amount of joy that was gleaned originally.

I am absolutely livid after witnessing that performance by Liverpool.

I feel betrayed and bewildered but I still support Rodgers. He still has credit in the bank, of course he does. But…

This is the hangover after one too many. This is the punishing trip to the gym after gorging on fast food. This is the worrying trip to the doctor’s surgery. This is grim and depressing and bleak and uninspiring. This is also familiar.

What is it about Liverpool? Can we never sustain an upward trajectory? Are we doomed to always take part in this dismal cycle of hope followed by crushing despair?

Because that is what this game felt like: stultifying dejection. Though we won’t give up – and there is still an awful amount of football to be played – the ten game sequence has been reached. It doesn’t look good I’m afraid and questions have to be asked.

No one wants knees jerking or to make premature and speculative judgements. But here’s the thing:

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