TTT Tactics #3: Rodgers is the Problem & the Solution

TTT Tactics #3: Rodgers is the Problem & the Solution
October 30, 2014 Daniel Rhodes

Title: Rodgers is the problem; Rodgers can be the solution.

Bob Pearce, Mihail Vladimirov, Daniel Rhodes and Sami Faizullah (@SamiFaizullah) (from football tactics website ‘Outside of the Boot’.)

TTT Tactics #3


Balotelli: does he cause any problems? The need for complimentary movement and midfield runners, as well a second striker, to get the best out of him.

Gerrard: can we minimise the defensive weaknesses anymore? Do we have any options to replace him? What type of matches should he be selected in?

Defence: the importance of the correct system. The need for a set piece specialist coach.

Conclusion: Rodgers now faces the challenge of solving many tactical issues in the coming months.

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