Our Time Is Now

Our Time Is Now
July 31, 2014 Chris Rowland

By Anthony Stanley (TTT Subscriber Dannyluke10).

Liverpool can win the league next season.

Repeat that to yourself a few times until you’re completely comfortable with this entirely reasonable concept.  It’s been a while since Liverpool fans could think this way and it’s only really occurred a couple of times in the past decade.  Now, consider this:

Liverpool will win the league next season.

I can almost hear the collective intake of breaths; can picture heads shaking slowly with rueful smiles upon their faces.  We may have a chance, you say, but it’s madness to make such a statement.  Last season we had so much in our favour and we still faltered.  Our rivals underperformed – sometimes to shocking degrees, we had no European football, we were lucky with injuries while our competitors were not, we got a large degree of ‘iffy’ decisions in our favour, we were a surprise package. On it goes, ad nauseam and ad infinitum and that’s all without mentioning the massive Suarez-shaped elephant in the room.

But, let’s say it again anyway.

Liverpool are going to win the league in the coming season. We will be crowned champions – May 2015 will be like a shining, inverse reflection of the anti-climactic final game of last season.

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible” – Albert Einstein.

We attempted the absurd last season and came agonisingly close to making the impossible a reality. It’s not crazy to think that we can go one step further in the coming year.

Here’s why.

The Suarez Factor.

Before the Uruguayan left for Barcelona, Liverpool were third favourites for next season’s Premier League; we’re now fifth – 10/1 with the bookies. They’re rarely wrong are they, or so goes the received wisdom. There is no doubt that losing a player who would comfortably sit among the top five best players on the planet (and who, from October to February last season, arguably was the world’s best player), is a major blow. Can it be turned to an advantage though?  In other words, can the Reds emerge from the giant shadow cast by a genius as a better side?

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