Luis Suarez – a Valuable Resource

Luis Suarez – a Valuable Resource
June 27, 2014 Paul Tomkins

By TTT Subscriber Ben Feltham.

After the shock and awe of ‘Luis Suarez bites again’, my first rational response was good [Ed: This was written before the ban including domestic football was announcement.]. Before I lose you all as some morally bankrupt fan, allow me to reprise an article I wrote last year about El Pistolero:

When asked what his book was about, Paolo Coelho said, “If it was about one thing, I would have written one sentence”. This, however, is about one thing: Luis Suarez’s ego (in its most existential sense). OK, two things, Suarez’s ego and mine. Mine because I have been quietly trying to disseminate this argument of rational and reason, but to my internal rage, it’s had as many takers as a Radio One ‘70s roadshow reunion; and so as a tribute to my ego I would like this thesis to remain for posterity as the final word on Luis Suarez: 


Let me explain that ‘good’ at the start. I was happy because it feasibly makes the sale of Luis Suarez this summer less likely; it’s one thing to support a huge asset liability that you already have, it’s quite another to go out and buy one. So because I’d already reconciled myself to who Luis Suarez is, I see him only as a resource, and as resources go, he is just about as good as it gets. And although I’m happy to be thought of as some kind of sage, the truth is, the bulk of the above article was my assertion that Luis Suarez is not as good as everybody thinks. It’s OK, you can laugh now. And yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that, it was an attempt to show that his ego, or better his pathology, is an anathema to what successful teams are built on, namely teamwork.

This is what I wrote then:

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