Q&A Session – on Rodgers, Rafa, FSG and More

Q&A Session – on Rodgers, Rafa, FSG and More
April 4, 2014 Paul Tomkins

Paul Tomkins Q&A Session. Questions – on Rodgers, Rafa, FSG, Ian Ayre and more – posed by members of www.liverpoolroom.com.

Please tell us your thoughts on Financial Fair Play and if it will achieve its goal, and what effect will it have on Liverpool in relation to their rivals?

To be honest, I thought it was a good thing, but unless it’s properly policed, it’s pointless.

Liverpool are being run to fit in with the rules, intent on generating their own income on and off the pitch, yet other clubs are interested in finding and exploiting loopholes. Until we see how it plays out, I can’t really say much more, but would recommend following TTTer Daniel Geey for his regular views on the subject.

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