Brendan and Me

Brendan and Me
April 14, 2014 Chris Rowland

By Dave Cronin.

Brendan Rodgers doesn’t know me. We’ve never met. Yet Brendan and I have had a relationship for nearly two years now. Since the day Brendan accepted the post of manager of Liverpool FC, my moods and my sense of well-being in and around each match day and in much of the space in between has been heavily impacted by things Brendan has said and done. It’s far from an exclusive relationship of course. Brendan has similar relationships with literally millions of others all around the globe. But I don’t mind that – I’m not the jealous type.

Ask me today how I feel about Brendan and I’ll tell you I love the man and that he makes me very happy. But to get to these good times, we’ve been through some less good times and six months ago I’d have given a very different response to that question.

The point of this piece is really to try to pinpoint the reasons why I found it difficult to accept Rodgers as Liverpool manager and to try to understand what made me go from hoping to believing that he would be a success during his term in office. In that regard, this is personal to me but I would expect that parts of this will chime with others who have been through a similar journey.

So if you’ll indulge me, let’s revisit where it all began…

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