Not That Tricky

Not That Tricky
March 30, 2014 Chris Rowland

by Anthony Stanley (TTT Subscriber Dannyluke10):

This wasn’t a frenzied blitzkrieg to destroy a team with dynamite counter-attacks.

No, this wasn’t that tricky at all.

This wasn’t Brendan Rodgers’ tricky Reds. This was swagger; this was the chastening of a club with top four pretensions; a gentle slap before they’re put to bed. This was controlled and measured, careful and deliberate. This was a team playing with freedom and able to control the pace of a game. It was a performance of complete belief. This was defenders happy to dribble, confident enough to spray a pass with the outside of a foot, marauding forward with destructive intent, like a U-boat coming slowly to the surface, brimming with latent menace. This was midfielders moving into space, effortlessly showing guileful tactical acumen, pressing like ravenous hounds that have scented blood.  This was our attack, wily and canny, deadly and unrelenting. This was the result of countless training sessions – a team drilled to within an inch of its life, each cog knowing, with complete assurance, what is required of it. This was thrilling passes – long and short – as beautiful and varied triangles were produced on the pitch. This was the stuff of league champions.

Not tricky at all.

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