Liverpool’s Transfer Window – The Summary

Liverpool’s Transfer Window – The Summary
September 3, 2013 Chris Rowland

By Chris Rowland.

So, it’s slammed shut then. Well, till January anyway. The consensus is that Rodgers, FSG, the Transfer Committee and LFC generally dun good. So before I go off to get my life back, I thought I’d produce this summary of all our activity and all the links, in and out, that I recorded during the weeks of TTT Transfer Talk Tracker.

As we have such an active stats community on TTT, I’ll start with some of those. We signed eight (as well as a few youngsters like Canos, Chrivella and Kane),  sold five, loaned out eight and had a net spend of around £17m. We were linked with a staggering 148 players – and that’s only the ones I saw, the internet just isn’t big enough for all of them – and ten of our players were linked with moves out, of which five came true.

The full enormity is below. I’ve put in brackets where players eventually moved to. If no brackets, they’re probably still where they were!

What this tells us is that the transfer window is a giant worldwide game in itself, with the established press, internet-based platforms like caughtoffside and InsideFootball feverishly trading rumours and repackaging the same link you saw yesterday or last week with a subtly new twist to justify the brand ‘news’. There’s a strong ‘Groundhog Day’ aspect to the whole business. During my trawling I’ve become familiar with a bewildering number of UK and European web platforms and media, including my personal favourite, O Jogo in Portugal.

Anyway, here it is, have fun, if that’s the appropriate term.

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