Rising Stars Around The World

Rising Stars Around The World
June 19, 2013 Chris Rowland

By Arnar Steinsson.

It’s time for TTT to take a closer look at the top prospects around the world. While I hope that our Academy  can develop enough talent to fill our first team squad in the future, I also want to take a look at some of the brightest potential stars of other teams. Liverpool’s aim is of course to produce their own most talented players, but we like every other club will always sign players from other clubs.

Some are closer to the finished product and there are others who need more time to develop. FSG’s interest in buying young players with a lot of potential , including the likes of Teixeira, Yesil, Canós and most likely Chirivella, added to the strong rumours of Liverpool signing Thiago Ilori and Luis Alberto and Kurt Zouma’s recent statement that he would rather sit on the bench for Liverpool to learn his trade then starting for his current team, all encouraged me to start writing this piece.

This article is also likely to help you find top talents on Football Manager if you are into that sort of thing – which you should be because it’s a fantastic game with top scouting ! And of course many of you will know who these players are, especially if you play the game. Finding wonderkids is one of the most popular aspects of it.

I will pick a few players every now then to write about and then I will follow their progress in the future – and so can you.

Well let’s start scouting then.

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