The 25th of May – Our Special Day

The 25th of May – Our Special Day
May 24, 2013 Chris Rowland

By Chris Rowland.

The 25th of May is a very special day for Liverpool supporters. Possibly – no, make that definitely – the two most celebrated occasions of Liverpool FC’s history – occurred on that same magical date. One or the other will be on top of the ‘Best Ever’ list for every fan like me who was there at both. Rome ’77 and Istanbul ’05.

They say you always remember your first time. Well the mighty reds, I and about 30,000 others all lost our European Champions virginity in Rome’s Olympic Stadium on May 25th 1977. Rome will always be our first love, always special. We even went back there to win it again in ’84. The images are still fresh in super-colour in my mind. I thought nothing could ever surpass it, or even get close.

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