Left? Right? Forwards? Backwards? Pass!

Left? Right? Forwards? Backwards? Pass!
October 2, 2012 Krishaldo

By TTT Subscriber Krishen Bhautoo.

After reading Tony McKenna’s piece, Long Balls, Short Balls and Right Balls, I decided to have a look at how passes in general affect the team’s final league standing. And when you break down the passes into the direction they were made, does this make a difference?

As you can almost immediately guess, the more passes you make (in general), the higher up the table you finish. This is mainly because the teams that are able to make more passes tend to be the better teams in the league, and therefore will naturally finish higher in the final table. Also, these better teams have better players (usually) who are more confident in making a pass than simply going to ‘just f-ing launch it’, current England manager-style.

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