TTT Top 20 Players – Steven Gerrard

TTT Top 20 Players – Steven Gerrard
August 12, 2012 Si Steers

By Si Steers.

The last player in our Top 20 Poll, and Si takes a look at our captain and talisman.

Liverpool FC has been blessed with some great players over the years; some of the very best the world has ever seen. One of the characteristics that have always defined a Liverpool player has been a team ethos; in the great Liverpool sides of the 70’s and 80’s, the likes of Keegan, Dalglish, Rush, Barnes and Beardsley wouldn’t have been as good without the sum of all parts (well, perhaps Kenny aside).

When you look at individual ability alone – in my view there is one man that stands out as the greatest player to ever wear the Red shirt; that man is Steven Gerrard. The argument as to whether he is our best ever will rumble on for generations, but in terms of individual influence there can be little argument about his contribution to Liverpool over the past fourteen years.

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