League Cup 4th Round Preview: Stoke City (A)

League Cup 4th Round Preview: Stoke City (A)
October 25, 2011 Gary Fulcher

Liverpool face Stoke City on Wednesday evening with a place in the quarter-finals of the League Cup at stake and, unsurprisingly for Liverpool, we are not playing at Anfield. Looking at our domestic cup matches over the past four seasons (including this season), of the 12 matches we’ve played, nine of them have been away from Anfield. We’re either incredibly unlucky when it comes to being handed favourable fixtures or something more mysterious is at hand! However, the last time we had an ‘easy’ looking fixture at Anfield against lower league opposition it turned into a humiliating farce and a swift exit, so maybe we shouldn’t complain that we keep getting tricky away ties!

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