Long-Term Thinking: What Is NESV’s Vision?

Long-Term Thinking: What Is NESV’s Vision?
December 5, 2010 Paul Tomkins

As I hinted at a couple of weeks ago, this is our version of purgatory: not exactly hell, but no real sense of going anywhere under Roy Hodgson.

NESV have yet to really put a stamp on the club, at least in terms of the playing side. Indeed, they’ve not yet had a chance to buy any players, and have thus far opted not to replace the manager. The only major change is the introduction of Damien Comolli as Director of Football Strategy, but even his influence will take time to be felt.

So, where do I feel the Reds are headed? What can we expect from NESV beyond the end of this season (given that this is still a period of bedding in)?

What follows for subscribers is an in-depth look (6,000 words, split into several different sections) at:

• the problems and challenges NESV face;

• how the ‘General Manager’ (Director of Football) works within the sport;

• and my view of what the new owners need to build on, and what they need to dispense with.