Blackpool (H) Pre/Post-Match Discussion

Blackpool (H) Pre/Post-Match Discussion
October 1, 2010 Gary Fulcher

DATE: 3/10/2010

VENUE: Anfield



Match Preview:

It’s a battle of the Pools at Anfield on Sunday. Will Blackpool’s players sink or swim at Anfield, or will wave after wave of Liverpool attack ensure there is no need for a lifeguard to be present to resuscitate our already ailing season?

Ridiculous (but not too far from the truth) puns aside, anything less than a win against Blackpool will find Roy Hodgson under the sort of pressure from supporters and the media that could make the Northampton debacle seem like a minor blip. To make matters worse we could find ourselves in the relegation zone prior to kick off if results go against us on Saturday.

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