Who Said You Had To ‘Understand’?

Who Said You Had To ‘Understand’?
April 5, 2010 Paul Tomkins

When people email, text and Tweet me that Rafa was definitely wrong to take off Torres at Birmingham, I ask “how do you know?”

There’s a chance that this wonderful striker, who was clearly tired and not really in the game, could have pulled a rabbit out of the hat, as he did at Villa.

There’s also a chance that he might not – as was the case at Wigan, when he stayed on and missed good chances.

And there’s a chance that, given he was clearly leggy after a tough shift in Portugal, and given his problems this season (not to mention how injuries occur more readily to tired, over-stretched players), he might have pulled a muscle.

Then where would we be?

Now, those who think Rafa was 100% wrong fail to see such alternatives. [ttt-subscribe-article]