Liverpool’s 30 Most Expensive Transfers

Liverpool’s 30 Most Expensive Transfers
December 17, 2009 Paul Tomkins

Seen a few places on the internet looking into the 15 most expensive LFC transfers, but of course, these will all be in the recent past.

Below are the results of the Relative Transfer System (©) I devised for Dynasty. The idea was to take all transfers as a % of the British record of the day, so that I could compare the spending of all eight Liverpool managers since 1959.

While it’s not totally foolproof, it does give a very good indication, with 100% being a British record, and 50% being half of that record. For the purposes of this post, I have limited it to those who cost half of the then transfer record, or more.

I’m also working with statistician Graeme Riley on his excellent ‘football inflation’-based work on the same issue.

Key: ** British record; * Club record; (2) 2nd time joining club