My New Liverpool FC Book UPDATE and TTT SITE NEWS

My New Liverpool FC Book UPDATE and TTT SITE NEWS
June 7, 2022 Paul Tomkins
In Book Talk, By Paul Tomkins


Many on TTT have already pre-ordered my new Liverpool book. Subscribers can still do so (for a limited time), but this is an update about release timings, now that the season is over and I know exactly what the focus of the book will be.

I started writing the new book in earnest – after a couple of years of research – in January 2022, when it seemed that the Reds’ league season had fallen apart. I’d written off the Reds’ chances of the titles when 11 points behind, and then the gap rose to 14 points.

I never make assumptions about the Champions League, as you can get knocked out when the better team, and the FA Cup had not been something Klopp could focus on, beyond playing some kids when going out in the early rounds (or beating Everton). So I chose to finally focus on the story of modern Liverpool FC: how it had lurched from near oblivion in 2010, via some bumpy moments, to the winners of every possible trophy between 2019 and 2022.

This preorder of the extended, signed special edition of the book is for subscribers only.


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